Kilban Mechanical Engineering

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Kilban Mechanical Engineering

KME, (Kilban Mechanical Engineering) is our sister Engineering concern. It was set up in 1998 by our Research & Development wing meant exclusively for developing food/beverages based machinery and equipments. SPM (Special Purpose Machine) is available at affordable price and we have the infra-structure and capacity to manufacture and deliver the machines as per the requirement of the clients.

kilban mechanical engineering

Wide range of instrument technology, platforms, designing /Engineering, developing/ manufacturing, Installation/commissioning, prompt after sales service support, specialized application teams, informatics capabilities and extending technical know-how make ‘KME’, the preferred Engineering unit, the analytical knowledge partner for food/beverage industries.

Our machines are efficient, accurate, reliable and operator friendly and provide the best integrated solutions to our clients as per their requirements. Most of the food and beverages machineries in KFI are meant for manufacturing own products which have been designed and developed by KME itself. In fact we focus on technology that is at par with global standards which helps us to ensure the quality of products and enhance the productivity.