Happy Joo

A sip of HAPPY JOO Soft drinks, makes you drink non-stop in your entire life. In fact we pioneered the concept of RTS Beverages. We were also the first to introduce it in Kerala in 1987, under the brand name ‘HAPPY FOODS ’ in glass bottles. However recently we have redesigned the entire packaging of RTS beverages and come up with new variants, named as 'Happy Joo' with a motto 'makes you drink non-stop'.

The uniqueness of HAPPY JOO lies in its variants and quality. It is hygienically prepared in a fully automatic plant with Quality Control Checking to ensure purity/quality. Variants like Mango, Strawberry, Litchi, Grape, Red Apple, Pineapple are already in the market and shortly we shall come up with more variants.

Shortly About Us

KFI is committed to quality and make no compromise when it comes to quality. We value our consumer’s Taste and Health. Hence, our prime focus is on product quality and customer service.

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